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On the basis of the analyses and recommendations of the "Polizei BB 2020" Commission, the overall responsibility for advanced police training in the Federal State of Brandenburg has been assigned to the University of Applied Sciences of the Brandenburg Police (HPol). Against this background, the HPol has assumed the general task of the initiation and the professional, technical, organisational as well as didactical and methodological supervision of the life-long learning process for the whole police force in the state. Systematically and purposefully building on the accredited Bachelor study course as well as police law-enforcement training, advanced vocational training is now realised on the basis of the strategic orientation of the development of the state police and in the context of both organisation-specific and individual personal development concepts based on scientific insights in adult education as a further core task of the HPol.

In order to perform this task, on 1st December 2011 the Department of Advanced Training was established on the Campus Oranienburg together with four Regional Training Centres (RTCs), which possess training stations as well as training and seminar rooms in close proximity to the departments and organisational units supervised by them.

In conjunction with the task transfer and the creation of the organisational requirements, a paradigm shift took place in the execution of advanced vocational training as a subsection of the process of life-ling learning of all police personnel by the HPol. The transfer of responsibility for individual qualification to the personnel, who develop and realise their own educational objectives in close cooperation with their superiors, represents the core of the new approach to a needs-based and purposeful personnel development. For this purpose, the HPol creates the necessary framework conditions and supports not only superiors but also employees and personnel managers in the process of individual and/or organisation-specific personnel development by means of targeted educational opportunities.

Advanced training for the Brandenburg state police is geared to four superordinate areas of competence:

  • Basic advanced training  to ensure that all police officers, who have been out of service or are changing their area of duty, receive an up-to-date training on current regulations,
  • Specialised Training (ST) in the subject areas of leadership/operations, crime detection and traffic,
  • Police training in the areas of operational training (OT), IT training, driving and safety training (DST), health management and sport (HMS), police dog handling (K9 training) (PDH), as well as
  • Social competence development (SCD) to acquire and further develop social skills using advisory, training and internal reflection measures in the fields of leadership qualification, stress management, conflict management, team development, working and time management, interculturality and change management

Contents, methods as well as the organisation of the specific training opportunities by the individual divisions are regulated in corresponding concepts.

The four Regional Training Centres (RTCs) are responsible for the planning, organisation and implementation of the training units (operational training and IT training) assigned to them and – furthermore ­ are also integrated into the organisation of the basic advanced training. The RTCs are at the disposal of the police and specialist headquarter departments – as expert contact partners for questions relating to regional training on a local basis.

The quality of our police work will increasingly depend on how we succeed in optimally qualifying police employees and their senior officers under the changing social, legal, technical and police framework conditions. Both the rapid technological development and the increasing professionalism of criminals require a permanent development of specific specialist knowledge and an increase in competencies.


Head of the Department:

Dr. Marita Heydecke

Tel.: +49 (0) 3301 850 2300

Email: marita.heydecke [at]

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